Directed By: Sadaf Khajeh ⎥ Canada ⎥ 2020 ⎥ 8m 57s

“Distance” is a short film that follows the daily routines of two Iranian women, Dorsa and Sadaf, in a long-distance friendship. Shot during the pandemic “Distance” captures what it feels like to have an attachment to someone whose presence takes place in another space as well as a different time.

About the Director:

Sadaf Khajeh has professional experience in Interior Design, Photography, and Visual Design, which has expanded to push her creative boundaries. In 2018 Sadaf was awarded a grant from the Chang School Creative Hub for her documentary project “Sarko: His Story…” which is an ongoing multimedia project that focuses on people that frequent city centres (specifically Toronto and Tehran) and are often labelled as homeless but are rather living breathing monuments of metropolitan cities. Through her narrative work, Sadaf continues to explore the sociocultural dynamics that surround her as an independent female immigrant in Canada.

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