Directed By: Katarzyna Kochany ⎥ Canada ⎥ 2020 ⎥ 8m 3s

The story explores the history of slavery and racism, and the tensions between a white supernatural world and a supernatural world of colour as an ancient black Druid rekindles her forbidden love with the son of her former master.

About the Director:

Katarzyna Kochany (DGC) is a member of the directors’ caucus at the Directors Guild of Canada and a voting member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. She recently directed 2nd unit on the Tier A TV series GOOD WITCH (Hallmark/Netflix). Katarzyna’s directing work has played on CBC Television, AppleTV, Amazon Prime Video, Super Channel, Sofy TV and The BeBop Channel, and earned over 50 awards and 240 official selections at festivals, including two projects at the Oscar-qualifying Indy Shorts presented by Heartland Film.

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