CineFAM seeks works made by women of colour filmmakers from Canadian backgrounds and/or that celebrate and explore Canadian themes. Take a look at our challenges and different ways to enter your film for a chance to gain exposure as an emerging filmmaker.

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting emerging women creators of colour:

Micro Cinema Challenge

CineFAM’s Micro Cinema Challenge seeks to celebrate unconventional forms of storytelling by women creators of colour. Due to advancing technology, more films are being made than ever before. Micro cinema is at the forefront of this movement, creatively inspired by the possibilities of new film and video technology.

CineFAM is looking for five brave filmmakers to subvert the traditional narrative style, creating a short (2-3 minute) film with unconventional filmmaking techniques using cell phones, GoPros, tablets or other low-budget equipment and working with a small crew to achieve an exciting new aesthetic.

Each filmmaker will receive production support from Trinity Square Video, mentorship from various industry professionals as well as the opportunity to attend a one day workshop on the micro-cinema movement. Completed films will enjoy a premiere screening at CaribbeanTales International Film Festival.

Micro-cinema thrives on a sense of adventure and discovery. Think you have what it takes? Apply today and participate in a new and radical way of creating films.

Short Cinema Challenge

Now in its 3rd year, CaribbeanTales CineFAM Short Film Challenge was created to support bold, original film stories by women-of-colour creators. In partnership with Trinity Square Video, Telefilm Canada and Urban Post Production, two teams will be chosen to receive support to complete a 5-minute short film.

The two chosen teams will receive production support and in-kind funding up to $1500 through Trinity Square Video and CaribbeanTales as well as post-production support and mentorship through Urban Post Production.

The completed films will have their world premiere at CaribbeanTales International Film Festival 2018, and receive distribution through CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution.

Feature Film Incubator

Up to 6 selected first-time women of color feature film directors/producers will work very closely with industry mentors to develop the creative, business and finance skills needed to master the complex and challenging world of feature film production.

Ultimately the participants will complete the incubator with a comprehensive business plan that will enable them to pitch their projects for funding.

As an Official Recommender, CineFAM will recommend two selected projects form the incubator for Telefilm’s Talent-To-Watch Program.

Previous mentors have included representatives from: Telefilm, Trinity Square Video, Urban Post Production, Bell Media, CTV, Harold Greenberg and more.


The Talent Fund-supported Talent to Watch Program (formerly Micro-Budget Production Program) finances emerging content creators who are recent alumni of a partner educational institution, active members of partner cooperatives or recent participants of partner film festival incubator initiative, or who have directed a short film that was selected at a recognized film festival. The program also provides automatic funding to projects directed by an emerging director having previously directed a short film that has won a prize at a recognized film festival.

Submission Requirements

  • Synopsis of the project, maximum of 750 words, which includes the main story developments, and tells the basic story from beginning to end.
  • Director’s vision (up to three pages in length).
  • A promotion and distribution plan (up to two pages in length) which identifies the project’s audience (age, sex, sensibility, culture, etc.). It must also identify how the team will find and access this audience and why will they connect with the project.
  • Resumes of creative team (producer, writer and director) which will indicate training, education, experience, accolades, outline past projects and history of team collaboration.
  • A production schedule (from pre-production to digital release).
  • Feature film budget.
  • Up to one-page detailing any other information that sets this project apart (eg: personal connection to the story material, successful crowdfunding campaign, confirmed cameo by a well-known actor, established fan base on social media).
  • A completed screenplay.
  • A link to previous work, if available.


  • All recommended projects must be emerging talent, i.e. they must have
    previously produced, directed and/or written at least one short film, but cannot have previously held the same key position on a feature length film.
  • Key members must be Canadian citizens, within the definition of the Citizenship Act, or permanent residents within the definition of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
  • Projects must be fictional or documentary audiovisual projects produced in English, French or an Indigenous language that are either:  feature length films of 75 minutes or more; or any other type of narrative-based audiovisual content made in a format specifically designed for online audiences. These types of projects can be comprised of one or more segments which, in total, must be more than 10 minutes in length.
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