CineFAM Film Festival

Welcome to the CineFAM Film Festival – Celebrating 6 years of limitless imagination & bold, original film stories by Canadian women and non-binary creators of colour. Save the festival dates, 22 – 23 Oct 2022!

CineFAM Film Festival 2022

Our Inner Light

CineFAM Film Festival Theme

Our CineFAM presentation in 2022 contain films that represent how the characters respond to a major change or challenge by embracing and manifesting their inner light, a guiding force that strengthens their resolve in the face of adversity. This illumination provides the mental and spiritual clarity to deal with whatever outcome – Whether it be the acceptance or defiance. The wins and the defeats… These journeys to self discovery are explored through these films just as many of us have to in our real lives, during the last two darkened years.  Without our inner lights to guide, we may all be still stumbling.

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